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    Chicago Holden Connection Bylaw's

    1. The name of this organization shall be Chicago Holden Connection located in the Chicagoland area of northern Illinois, and herein referred to as Chicago Holden Connection or CHC and designated as such.

    Article II: Purpose
    1. To create an interest in Holden based products
    2. To aid new comers to the product
    3. To promote club events
    4. To improve friendship among members
    5. To exchange knowledge and ideas
    6. To have social activities and participate in local Chicagoland area car events.

    Article III: Membership
    1. Any member deliberately breaking club rules, not acting in a sportsmanlike manner, or showing uncooperativeness is subject to expulsion from the club by a unanimous decision of the officers. This action can also be initiated by a signed petition of any member. Further evaluation of the petition will require a 2/3rds Co-Chairmen decision.
    2. Club members are permitted to have guests at events and at the meetings.
    3. Each member is expected to volunteer his/her services in proportion to all members of the club.

    Article IV: Becoming a Member

    Becoming an Associate:
    Visit and register. That’s it, Welcome to the CHC!

    Becoming a Member:
    Having a GTO or G8 and participating in club activities (website or gatherings).

    Becoming an Event Planner:
    If you would like to become an event planner contact a Co-Chair. You must plan 1-2 major events per year.

    Becoming a Co-Chair:
    Co-Chairs will be nominated by contributing members and cochairs will appoint the new nominated cochair. For a cochair position to become available a current cochair must step down. In rare situations if a cochair is not fit or is unable to continue their duties, they may be asked to step down by the current cochairs.

    Article V: Dues and Finances

    The Chicago Holden Connection is and always will be a free site. Donations are greatly appreciated, this will help to pay the current dues for the website ($140).

    Article VI: Meetings
    1. Meetings are to be held quarterly (January, April, August, and December).
    2. Meetings shall be conducted in an informal business-like manner and should be as informative as possible.
    3. Club and associated business should prevail at all meetings. "Bull sessions", "out of turn", "off the subject", etc., should follow the meeting and not be part of it. This will insure that the meetings are short and to the point.

    Article IX: Site Rules

    1. Sponsors
    -Sponsor will get a forum section with there company name where they are allowed to Moderate there own section freely.
    -Sponsor bashing will not be tolerated.
    -All sponsors must have a business license.

    2. Paid Advertising
    -Advertisers will get their own square on the side of the main forum page that will link directly to their website.
    -Advertisers can not advertise deals, specials, prices, etc.. on the forum itself.

    3. Also feel free to voice your opinion or criticism at any time, however if its non-constructive or inflammatory, please PM a Chairman before posting to allow us to address the issue or concern as to not to detract from the positive position of the Chicago Holden Connection. This will be held true for EVERYONE!!

    Article X: Event Rules/Meet Ground Rules

    Intent: Keep our reputation as a group/club in good standing.

    1. Please don't enter or leave the meet at higher than parking lot speeds, there's no need to prove your car has an exhaust or that your car is capable of high speeds. We all know they are fast!!!

    2. Absolutely no burnouts!!!

    3. Keep the noise from your car audio system to a minimum; we're not running IASCA competitions at our meets/cruises either.

    4. Please DO NOT litter, pick up after yourself and keep our meet spots clean. You don’t want us going to your house and leaving trash everywhere!!

    5. If you bring a guest, please help us keep them mindful that we're all guests of the business/place hosting our meet/cruise. We don’t need another #6!!

    6. Everyone please do approach guests/strangers and introduce yourself! Aside from being polite and useful (e.g. hey ya get to meet new people), it helps discourage any hecklers/troublemakers from slipping "under the radar"/unnoticed only to cause trouble later.

    7.) Just a reminder!! At these meets a lot of people (not just CHC members) have cameras and/or video cameras. If we behave inappropriately, we could be captured on film/memory card/tape. Don't be surprised if you show up on YouTube or the 10 o'clock news if you misbehave.

    8. During a cruise if you see that the car behind you got caught at the light, try to stay back a little and keep them in sight so they may be able to catch up.

    9. Get out there and have fun!

    Willingness to participate in this or any event, you hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Chicago Holden Connection, its Chairmen, Officers and or members, the invitees/ releases from any and all loss, liability, damage and or cost you may incur arising out of participating in this or any event. By participating you hereby assume full responsibility for any risk of bodily injury, death or property damage arising out of, or related to the event whether caused by negligence of invitees/releases or otherwise.
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    The Chicago Holden Connection would like to add a new rule to the Web sight.

    Infractions for inappropriate post for Sexual or disturbing comments made towards the female members of this will be given out by the moderators. After 3 infractions in less than 3 months you would be kicked off the site for a week. If it happens again your kicked off for life. We are trying to get and keep Female members pink usernames.

    In the end we are all hear to have fun and enjoy jokes but sometimes a joke can go to far. Please treat the women on this site as you would treat your own mother or Sister.
    2005 MBM LS2.5 490's rwhp/430's rwtq tuned by AMS assembled by Bohnman's Customs

    I'm the guy who does the lights, Radio's, Door Sills, Splitters, Mechanical work on the side

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