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    Texas Speed Torquer v.2 Cam

    Had my torquer v.2 installed about and month back and am very happy. The cam is very drivable, and only bucks/surges when I pull into my garage or while driving below 1k rpms. I'm using the stock clutch now but it's starting to slip at higher rpms so I'll be upgrading to the LS7 soon. I took it for a pull on MM's dyno to see my gains. Mods to date are Kooks LT's with O/R mids, Volant CAI, Corsa Cat back, Fast Dyno tune, and the v.2 (232/234 .595/598 112LSA). First pull, includes all mods except cam (MM tune), second is with cam and fast tune. Gains of about 43hp to the wheels, and 18tq. Very happy with the numbers, and over gains throughout the powerband.
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    Looks good bro good shit!! :beer:

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    Jason we need more boost!!!!lol

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    Not bad. I put down 434/410 with v2, 1 3/4" kooks, udp, ported intake/tb, and vararam on their dyno. That is sd tuned.

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    Very nica bravo budale
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