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    Oh Man, I didnt even notice this until just now. This is awesome! I will deff spread the word and start getting things rolling.

    Just want to say Thank You to the MODS for adding this section. It may not blow up right away, but we will get there. Just a little time and work thats all. Hopefully we can continue to build the GTO/G8 community.

    Thanks Again MODS.

    2009 PBM G8 GT

    NEPP OTR Intake, SLP UDP & 160 Tstat, Grrrr8 Heater Hose Relocation Kit, P&P Throttle Body, PM of FL Axle Back.
    DBA Slotted Rotors, HAWK HPS Pads, BMR Fab SFC, TB, and STB. UMI Suspension Toe Links and Trailing Arms.
    GXP Rear Defuser, TSS Concept Darts and LOTB Dash Badge, Maverick Man Headlight/Fender Washer Kit.
    VMR Gunmetal VB3 CSL 19x8 & 19x9.5 with Continental DW 245/40 and 275/35. (Continental DWS on Stocks for Winter)

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    Can't wait to see some pictures and videos from local meets!

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    I sent you a message about the Logo Marco does some graphic design and he has the logo maybe he can help you come up with something cool.
    2005 MBM LS2.5 490's rwhp/430's rwtq tuned by AMS assembled by Bohnman's Customs

    I'm the guy who does the lights, Radio's, Door Sills, Splitters, Mechanical work on the side

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    Greetings Guys; So Tim are you looking in on us from time to time? Considering Power Tour? What's happening in your area in the September - October time line (automobile related)? My good buddy & myself plan to head West late this summer on a automobile themed trip (our bucket list) & we're flexible. Bob Jr.

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    I would love to see that logo design.

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