Good Morning Lane, Ken & Lou; Ya I don't understand why fb is better (easer?) than this forum? But then I'm behind the curve when it comes to tech. If you're someone new to the site, how would you even find the CHC?? I don't see anything to click on to take me their? How do you find a path? Can anyone see CHC on (fb) that knows how to work it (fb)? It seems complicated to me. As the season changes (I don't want to sue the W word) & if I get board I'm going to see if I can figure out how to fb?? I did learn how to text using voice on my fancy new to me cell phone. As I got an S5 now, it's damn big. And after weeks of procrastinating, many tries & a solid hour two days ago I did get it (S5) to receive E-mail. My next effort will get it to allow me to retrieve phone messages. And that problem carries over from my previous phone, the little S2. Excluding Lou, it's us three that are the dinosaurs. Back to cars I'm still the guy that LIKES fiddling with carburetors & distributors. As years go by I do 1 or 2 carbs (Holley's) every year or two. This year I've built 6 & one twice as the owner got crud in it from a new fuel line. And recently I've been trying to help a fella with an 02 Vette that wants more Power. After he got water in his Ls-1 (like LOTS of water) after hitting a very big puddle. As many know the intake is down low on a Vette. He more than likely bent a rod or two, so he's just going to do an all new engine. And I haven't been able to talk him into a carburerated Lsx yet?? Ole' Bob.